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Update your emotional response.

Have you been trying to get to the gym regularly for a year and just can’t seem to make the time? Do you argue with your family, friends and co-workers over trivialities? Do you spend your days feeling tense and out of control? The solution is in your unconscious mind.  Leverage your brain’s natural elasticity to change your emotions and routines.  

  • Attain your goals by creating new habits.
  • Enjoy better relationships by mastering the language of the unconscious: resistance and rapport.
  • Streamline your day by creating an effective emotional response.


Effective action is supported by efficient belief.

Some people smile all the time, and they think the world is friendly. Other people are always glum, and they think every one is mean.

The story you tell yourself determines what you pay attention to, and what you pay attention to determines your results.

Your stories can be changed, if you know how to apply the right kind of leverage. Learn to communicate with your unconscious mind and it will give you an edge.


Success happens in the unconscious. Just the iceberg

Your conscious mind is built to focus on only a few things at a time. Most of what you do and who you are happens below the surface.

If you had to think about how to tie your shoes, or how to eat, or drive a car, how far would you really get? Your brain automates a tremendous amount of your daily action. 

Some of your automation is effective, and some of it is not. Isn’t it time for an update?


What you believe matters.

Here’s an example:

Tanya was raised in a good family. Her father was a hard-working man who grew up in the counterculture of the 1960s. As a child, she listened to him talk about big corporations and fat cats in Washington, and from him, she picked up an unconscious belief that people with money are bad. 

Fast forward. Tanya has built a successful practice as a lawyer, but she never seems to have any money in the bank. Money comes in, but then goes right back out.

Her problem is in the unconscious. The story that she tells herself doesn’t allow her to hang on to wealth, because that would make her a bad person.

With a little “unconscious consulting”, she starts to change that story, and her bank account begins to pile up. Her actions around money had changed because her beliefs about money had changed. Effective actions are supported by efficient beliefs.


How good are your mental models?

All our actions and feelings are underpinned by mental models. These are our beliefs about the world around us, and about our selves. These models are easy to change, when you apply the right strategy. If you’re ready to stop causing yourself pain with what you think, this service is for you.

Want to know how it works? Find out here.

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