Covert Leadership: An Easier Way to Get What You Want

Create more effective outcomes with your team, clients and colleagues, without anyone knowing what you're up to.  

"It's like using the force." 

There are simple methods for coaxing more productivity and creativity from everyone you meet. Until now, learning these skills has always been arcane and complex. Not any more. Covert Leadership is a step-by-step model for becoming more influential and in control where ever you go.  

The 5 Stages of Every Relationship

 The Covert Leadership model begins with understanding that there are 5 stages to every relationship and that there are predictable (and largely invisible) methods for increasing, or squandering, your influence at each and every stage. 


A lot happens before two people actually meet. The brain forms a subconscious opinion even before the first hello. Are you doing everything you can to make the impression you want? 


As soon as you're introduced to someone, you begin two conversations. The first uses words, and the second, greater conversation uses body language and tone. What cues are you sending, and what information are you receiving? Simple mental models can make you a master of this. 


Hate small talk? Want to get "beneath the hood" with people quickly and really find out what they know? There are reliable strategies for deepening any conversation you want.  


How many times have you been stuck in a conversation, or even a relationship, that was boring you to tears? Learn how to disengage with tact and deftness, and people will always want you to come back.  


Most people's social world shrinks as they get older. Work and responsibilities take over, and we're left with a sense of guilt or even a frustration that no one reaches out. Learn effective strategies for reconnecting with the people you care about and keep all your important relationships moving forward.  

When you master the skills and strategies behind each stage of every relationship, you become 10x more influential and in control, and you have a lot more fun too. If you want some fun, free and easy emails about How to Master Covert Leadership and the 5 Stages of Every Relationship, enter your name and best email address below. 

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