happiness is simple.

It's just about having the time and energy to 

 create + 


Because at the end of your life,

all that's going to matter

is who you loved,

and what you made. 

So ask yourself, right now...

are you happy?

Do you like your work

Are your relationships deep and full of laughter?

Do you feel present, relaxed and in control most of the time?

If the answer to all three question's ain't yes... my friend, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? 

all you've got is now

This is your one life so please, for all our sakes, don't squander it running around with a furrowed brow!

I know happiness seems elusive. Sometimes it seems as far as the moon, sometimes it feels like it's right around the corner.  And I get that you're @#$%ing BUSY with a capital B...

BUT, waiting for the future to be happy and content is a bad idea. You'll probably never get there. It makes a lot more sense to spend more time PRACTICING HAPPINESS TODAY.  

So here's the good news: 

Happiness is just practice...

Dozens of tiny-little-simple practices, that add up to a revolutionary change in your brain and your life.

Many of these exercises are so easy that you can do them IN YOUR CAR.  

(Yes, I just said that sitting in traffic can make you happier. )

and I don't mean just cranking up the Katie Perry and singing along...

So if you want to experience 10 SIMPLE HAPPINESS PRACTICES YOU CAN DO IN YOUR CAR  give me your email address and your first name (Hey, nice to meet you, I'm Morgan) and I'll send it right over, and I'll keep sending you simple happiness practices (1-3 per week) until you tell me to stop. 


I asked Morgan for help with a project. And in one day he created more forward progress than the project had seen in over 2 years. He has an uncanny gift for getting to what matters, and delivering it in a way that is exciting and inspiring. My anxiety fell away. I recommend him without reservation and with the highest regard.

Kelly B. 
Financial Planner

Morgan helped me change the way I look at success and my “role” in business as well as my personal life and my marriage. Shifting from the conventional view of success being consumed with acquiring more money, striving for perfection and so on – our conversations allowed me to peel away the identities we project on ourselves; aiding in being more happy, focusing on the positive aspects of life, business and my marriage – getting away from narrowing in on ‘what is wrong’ and obsessed with ‘fixing it’.

Michael P. 
Mortgage Broker

Morgan has this incredible gift of being able to get into your mind and through conversation, solve problems. After I “got it” I felt like the answers were always there I just wasn’t using the right tools.

Jen B.  
Licensed Realtor

My most recent work with Morgan came at a pivotal moment in my life and for the first time I am empowered to write my own next chapter. I've left our conversations and instead of thinking, have taken action. His value is in being so adept at getting your thoughts to line up, you’re pretty sure it was your idea in the first place.

Rachel D. 

After over a year of working together I have realized that the progress I've made through our sessions has permeated my entire life. I am more secure, more confident and have developed long-lasting positive disciplines thanks to Morgan. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for long-term solutions to their problems.

Helen M. 
Buyer,  Amazon.com

i help brilliant people get happy.

I'm Morgan Oxley, I'm a Happiness Coach, and I can help you make more time to CREATE + CONNECT. 

Telephone: 503 919 1418

Email: morgan@morganoxley.com

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