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Science validates hypnosis


Your Brain is a network.

It’s made up of billions of neurons connected by synapses,

and it uses the same connections day in and day out, meaning you tend to think the same thoughts.

Sometimes we forget that our neural pathways, our thoughts can be changed.

We can retrain ourselves to think something better.

Because when you have a new thought, if you repeat it often enough, and loudly enough, your brain will make that connection instead of the old one.

So where there used to be a “need” to smoke cigarettes, there can now be a total disinterest in smoking.

When you get the right kind of help, you can change your neural pathways and your thoughts.

When you change your thoughts, you start responding differently.

When you start responding differently, the challenges in your life disappear.

Hypnosis is emerging from the shadows. The scientific community is finally beginning to understand  how it works.


Imagine your brain is a mud pit

You’re trying to get a wheel barrow from point A to point B across a big pit of mud.

The first trip is going to be difficult.

But after a few trips, you’ve created a groove, a rut, and you have an easy path to travel.

Once you have a path, there’s not much chance you’re going to go back to pushing that wheel barrow through the mud.

Your neural connections are the same.

Because sometimes you need to form a new pathway.

Hypnosis helps you build new neural pathways. The more you practice making the connections you want, the more likely their going to fire automatically.


The hypnotist at the state fair is old news

Modern hypnosis isn’t about taking control of your mind. It isn’t about making you “do” anything. It’s about helping you calibrate your unconscious mind to give you the responses that you want.

It’s not about reading you a script and simply making positive suggestions either. It’s about creating a new set of feelings that give you the automatic responses that you want.

Read more about the history of hypnosis.


Hypnosis has evolved

For many sessions, an apparently normal conversation is all that’s needed.

Unless you want to, you no longer need to spend your time in deep trance in order to get results.

Call now to find out how modern hypnosis can help you enrich your neural network. 



Most of the actions you take are entirely automatic.

That’s a good thing.

It means you don’t have to think about tying your shoes.

Right now, your body is engaged in thousands of autonomic processes.

It’s breathing,


pumping blood,

growing fingernails and hair,

and countless other forgotten, biological processes.

Your unconscious can process about 4 billion bits of information.

Your conscious mind only about 9. (Just 9.)

Suffice it to say, most of who you are and what you’re doing is going on below the surface.

So, when you decide not to eat cookies for breakfast any more, and you do that with the conscious mind, you’re going to forget about it when your conscious capacity fills up. Unfortunately, your unconscious, which is used to eating cookies for breakfast, isn’t running short on available memory.

 Hypnosis is the bridge between the conscious and the unconscious

AND… or BUT?

03 April 2014

This week, try saying “AND” instead of “BUT”. Person A: “I’m late.” Person B: “BUT you have time for a hug.” Person A: “No I don’t.” Now try this: Person A: “I’m late.” Person B: “AND you have time for a hug!” Person A: “You’re right!” The word “BUT” is a structural dismissal of what was said…

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